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  • Service of a dredge

    Service of a dredge

    We offer: hardening of land , construction of roads , paths, drains , cesspools and all kinds of digging into the ground (water, electricity, fundaments, etc) and transport services (exports earth) and many other services. Read More
  • Renovation - Finishing

    Renovation - Finishing

    The Malysz.DM over the years has developed effective methods to services such as laying ceramic tiles, terracotta , tiles and stone , concrete traditional , interior painting , and many other services in this field . Read More
  • General Construction Services

    General Construction Services

    We are offering you all kinds of building services such as: building a house, electrical installations, renovation of bathroom, kitchen, etc and all sorts of building works inside and outside the buildings. Read More
  • Gardens


    The Malysz.DM offers customers the highest quality of garden services such as creating water ponds, assisting in the design of the garden, electrical installations and any kinds of earthwork, etc. Read More
  • Rental of Welding Services

    Rental of Welding Services

    Feature of this form of activity is the provision of maintenance services for welding equipment and renting the welding equipment in Silesia and the surrounding area. We have in this area many years of experience , that is why the service that we offer is of the highest quality at a very affordable price. Read More
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Malysz.DM  offers interior finishing

and the construction of small architectural objects . Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers by providing the highest quality service, punctuality, care for order and work perform with diligence. Providing our services we are relying on our experience and the use of professional equipment.


wykonczenie wnętrz


We invite you to contact us for detailed price information provided by us. We are happy to come and take measurements to present our offer. We guarantee an individual approach to each order, taking into account the scope of work - including their complexity, the facts and the location of investment.

Popular services include:

- Laying ceramic tiles, terracotta, tiles and stone
- Chipped plaster
- Demolition of partition walls
- Plastering traditional
- Leveling screed
- Spout traditional
- Insulation of external and internal walls
- Wallpapering
- Installation of plasterboard walls
- Installation of suspended ceilings
- Gypsum
- Equation of the walls
- Laying glass blocks
- Laying ceramic tiles, terracotta, tiles and stone
- Laying floor and wall panels
- Laying carpets
- Inserting windows and doors;

Our specialties include interior finishing in diffrent part of Silesia in Poland.


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Malysz DM Building Services performs diffrent typs of services like - designing gardens in Laziska Gorne , Tychy , Katowice , Mikołów and the surrounding area. Others Services are  laying ceramic tiles,  built-in cupboards,  terracotta tiles and stone,  chipped plaster, demolition of walls,  insulation of exterior and interior walls,  interior painting,  wallpapering,  interior decorating,  plastering traditional, concrete leveling,  screed traditional,   mounting wall plaster,  plasterboard,  installation of suspended ceilings,  gypsum, the equation of walls,  laying of glass block,  laying ceramic tiles,  terracotta tiles and stone laying of floor and wall panels, floor covering,  carpet and other,  inserting windows,  doors, and all building services .

See : Our services finishing in Łaziska and around .

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